Hair Care

The beauty, health and durability of your Cambodian Hair Extensions is strongly dependent on a proper hair care regimen. Each strand of your beautiful Cambodian Hair Freak Hair Extensions need tender care and conditioning in order to stay hydrated and maintain its health.  Below are some tips and guidelines on how to best maintain your CHF hair:


  • It is recommended that the wefts NOT be cut during installation and that the fold over method be used, but if they are, please apply weft sealant to the cut ends to prevent shedding, as shedding sometimes leads to matting and shortens the lifespan of the extension as well.
  • Wash your extensions at least once a week co-washing one week, and fully washing the next, with the occasional deep conditioning. This keeps the hair extensions hydrated during its washing cycles.
  • Before washing, be sure to brush the hair out completely regardless of the texture, this will ensure that the hair is easier to manage while wet.
  • Use Sulfate Free and Paraben Free Shampoo and Conditioner. 
  • When detangling while wet, always detangle only with the conditioner in, and start from the tip working your way up to the root. 
  • A wide tooth comb or wet brush should be utilized during this process.
  • We strongly recommend the wet brush particularly for very wavy and curly textures.
  • Very thick cream conditioners tend to work best with Cambodian Hair.
  • After washing the hair, pat dry to remove excess water and brush through the hair with no product in.
  • Apply a small amount of leave in conditioner to infuse moisture.  (Cream leave in conditioners tend to work best with our Cambodian hair extensions. You can also opt to use no product as well).
  • Air dry naturally or a hooded dryer can be used. 
  • Blow drying is not recommended because it could potentially cause strand breakage from overheating.
  • Apply a small amount of hair oil to the hair daily.  A very small amount at that as product build up causes the extensions to become stiff and lifeless.
  • If you have curly/very wavy textures, a generous amount of leave in conditioner can be added daily to tame any frizz and define your curls/waves.  Again, cream conditioners tend to work best for Cambodian Hair.
  • Use a heat protectant when applying heat to the hair via flat or curling irons to minimize breakage. Argan oil or the oil of your choice can be used for heat protectant purposes as well.
  • A wide tooth comb or soft tip paddle brush is ideal for combing/brushing through your hair when necessary.
  • Use a silk bonnet at night to lock in the hair's moisture and to prevent breakage as well.
  • If you wish to color your Cambodian Hair extensions please consult a professional colorist to ensure that the right result is obtained and to prevent over processing. 
Closures & Frontals
  • We recommend sealing the knots on your lace products before installation.  Sealing reinforces the knots and helps to minimize shedding.  
  • Bleaching the knots is not recommended and we recommend tinting or the use of makeup/foundation to blend with your skin/complexion.  Bleaching compromises the strength of the knots and could lead to excessive shedding and balding. If you feel that bleaching is absolutely necessary, please consult a professional stylist for assistance. 
  • Avoid brushing through the hair very often because it may loosen the knots and contribute to increased shedding as well.   
  • Please follow the wefted hair care tips in the above section for the overall health and longevity of your lace product.