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Raw Hair vs. Virgin Hair

So, what's the difference between these two rivals? Are they the same in some way? Does it even matter?

WELL OF COURSE IT MATTERS! It's the difference between simply wasting those hard earned coins and actually INVESTING!

Let's start with the Raw Cambodian Hair:


*Sourced and Harvested from Cambodian

*Bundles are typically one single donor per

*Cuticles are fully intact and aligned (lasts longer)

*Never been manipulated by chemicals, dyes, harsh treatment

*Will match most hair types and blend perfectly

*A solid investment


*Typically more expensive than the average Aliexpress hair

*Takes more to care for (regular washing and deep conditioning)

*There's no silicone coating so it does not have that super shiny look

*Colors range (no bundle is the exact same color or wave pattern)


Now, let's dive into the average Virgin Hair Extensions...... :)


*Super shiny and feels GREAT when you first purchase

*The curl patterns are identical for each bundle

*Colors are uniform for each bundle for blending

*They are really cheap to obtain 3 or 4 bundle deals

*A temporary hair purchase


*Sourced and Harvested from salon floors, hair brushes, house floors, etc. and usually comes from China.

*Has a lot of synthetic fibers to fill up the bundle (about 70% hair and 30% fillers)

*Has Silicone Coating to give it the shiny look, but when it wears off after a few washings/styling, it mats and tangles easily.

*Hair is dyed and chemically altered to give the uniform look per bundle

*Each bundle consists of several donors to make one bundle considering its source per strand

*Cuticles have been stripped which contribute to the hair tangling, matting, lack luster, and becoming a mess after long use and care.

*Becomes a total waste of hard earned coins very fast...


So, with the facts, shop according to your hair needs! We work too hard to waste our monies without knowing some facts... Now, go out there with some confidence in knowing a little bit more on your hair extensions :)


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